The Importance Of Trade According To Quran!

Published: 04th April 2011
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Quran has rules and regulations for all matters of life. It has rules for personal life, social life, business and hence, everything. The common debate these days is Islam or Shariah in business. Many people say that"business is business and nothing emotional". This quote does not imply to the Islamic world. Emotions have deep impact on different sects of life. You cannot keep emotions aside from you and then carry out your businesses.

Every business demands strong efforts, sincerity, and persistency to be successful. Therefore, you cannot keep aside the attributes of the personality of a businessperson away from his business. Therefore, the Quran-ic attitude towards business should be headed by the exposition of its attitude towards Amal in common. Business, economics, trade all have been discussed in Quran.

Importance of Trade and Business:

Trade is important for the survival of human beings and at the same time for the circulation of money, necessities. Its importance is evident from Quran’s special consideration towards it.

Quran has discussed this in detail. There are several places in Quran that deal with trade and there are number of terminologies that have been used in Quran for this. The commercial terms, from twenty different classifications have been used in Quran about three hundred seventy times. Quran has permitted to carry out different businesses. There are many defined practices that Quran approves in businesses and that it does not approve in businesses. A legislative process has been described and discussed in Quran, which shows the importance of trade or business in Quran.

Businesses or trade during Hajj:

Pilgrimage or Hajj is an important pillar of Islam. Quran has explicitly permitted the business practices even during the Hajj or pilgrimages. Though Hajj is a spiritual journey on which you have to be fully devoted towards your creator, yet your creator gave you an opportunity to benefit from it through all means.

Unfair Dealing in Business:

Quran has repeatedly condemned and prohibited the unfair means of businesses. Allah has commanded you to be fair in your dealings. Unfair dealings in business have been fiercely attacked than any other form of sin, in Quran. The fairness and justice in business is attributed to Allah, the almighty. It has been attributed frequently and thus, the importance of it can be weighed from this fact as well. Allah has commanded you to do justice with your customers in weights and measures and that the dealings of Allah with man are complete justice.

Appreciation and encouragement of justice:

Quran has encouraged justice amongst the traders and their customers. Quran has great applause for just and honest business person.

Trade has a special importance in Islam. Our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a trader. He used to look after the trade or business of his dearest and first wife Hazrat Khadija. It was his honesty and loyalty that Hazrat Khadija approached him to look after her trade. The same honesty, loyalty he showed in his trade as well.

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